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ProDog Ambassador Merchandise Order Form

ProDog merchandise and point of sale materials are also now available to order. 

You can order up to:

2 hoodies (1 per individual or 2 for a team)

2 caps (1 per individual or 2 for a team)

2 t-shirts (1 per individual or 2 for a team)

1 banner (3m x 1m) for display at events

Car Window Stickers


The hoodies and T-shirts are the same brand as we have used before so they will fit to the same size for the merchandise you have currently.

How to order

  1. Fill out the form below with everything you would like to order
  2. Make sure you enter the address you want the items delivered to.
  3. We will then action your request and you should receive your new merch in 2-3 weeks

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