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Real Food for Real Dogs

  • Species-specific, fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Nutritionally balanced for health and vitality
  • Simple and easy to feed
  • Convenient delivery direct to your door.

"We’re on a mission to help your dog thrive

through gourmet, human-grade, raw food and nutritional support supplements crafted with your working dog in mind."


Your dog's dinner

In 3 easy steps, we’ll help you select the correct meal combination for your dog's needs.

Tell us a bit about your dog and what they like

We'll recommend the right meals to feed

We deliver directly to your doorstep weekly, monthly or whenever you choose

The best for your dog



An extensive range of quality, natural, raw food recipes, treats, supplements and remedies for dogs.

"Energy, stamina, strength, health, happiness, a coat to turn heads and odours that don’t. Let your dog experience the raw food effect! Feed them as nature intended!"


A Raw Food Box For Your Dog

  • Select a small, medium, large or extra-large size ProDog Raw box
  • Fill it with our award-winning raw dog food meals, natural treats and nutritional support supplements
  • Prepare yourself for mealtime glee

The Benefits of ProDog Raw: natural food for working dogs

Some of the benefits of raw feeding you and your dog can expect from our delicious range of raw, natural, fresh dog food recipes include:

Why raw food is better for your dog than processed food

Kibble and tinned dog foods are rarely made with real meat. Meat meals and meat derivatives often make up the entire protein content. These ultra-processed diets excessively rely on grain carbs, preservatives, additives, fillers and other 'nasties' which hold little benefit for your dog.

At ProDog Raw, we create real food for real dogs! We use ONLY fresh, human-grade, British Farm Assured, DEFRA approved meat and offal with ground bone, complemented by seasonal veggies, superfoods and oils for extra nutraceutical value.

How much does it cost to raw feed your dog?

Not as much as you may think! We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised – no matter breed, size or appetite.

Quick Food Calculator

Enter your dog’s details below or use our raw dog food calculator with breed information.


My Dog's Weight is...


How much should I feed my dog?

How much you feed your dog every day depends on several factors, including:

  • Your dog's metabolism
  • The quality of food you are feeding
  • How much exercise your dog gets
  • How much they weigh
  • The age and breed of your dog
  • Whether your dog is castrated or spayed
  • If you want your dog to (Gain, Maintain or Lose) weight

You should pay specific attention to your dog’s weight and physical appearance as they adapt to their diet. We would advise you read our raw feeding guide in conjunction with using our calculator. Please also note that our feeding recommendations are guidelines only.


ProDog Raw

Our Promise

We only ever use ingredients of the highest standard - as clean and close to nature as raw feeding gets.


Superior Quality

Superior-quality ingredients and an innovative menu for a natural (BARF) raw dog food diet. Endorsed by vets.


Award Winning

Winners of the Lloyds bank Customer Experience & Loyalty Award 2020 and multi-award winners for product quality.


Recycled Packaging

Our raw dog food packaging includes high-quality, shatterproof, leak-proof fully recyclable tubs (not classified as 'single-use' and BPA free).


Our Promise

We ensure all of our products are as clean and close to nature as raw feeding gets. We only ever select 100% species-specific ingredients designed to complement a dog’s digestive system. We never include synthetic additives, preservatives, or use processing methods which deplete nutrient values. We commit to delivering products of award winning quality, using fresh, human-grade protein sources from DEFRA approved and British Farm certified sources, meaning, all our meat originates from ethically managed farms.

Our underlying philosophy ensures that dogs benefit from the healthiest and highest quality raw ingredients, placing full dietary control into the hands of their owners.

Superior Quality

We’ve created our extensive range of raw dog food and canine nutritional supplements by selecting a combination of key ingredients that deliver the complete spectrum of nutrients working dogs need. Feeding ProDog Raw you can be assured you’ll be providing your dog with scientifically formulated meals; perfectly balanced with the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats they require to not only grow and develop but thrive and live a healthy, happy life.

We never use industry-standard fillers, ensuring every single component delivers the vital macronutrients essential to a dog’s health. All of our recipes are expertly formulated and endorsed by veterinary professionals. ProDog Raw are delighted to support the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

We offer an extensive range of options, from complete formula meals to complementary 80/10/10 mixes, all carefully designed to offer flexibility, and therefore variety, for every working dog, regardless of age or nutritional requirement.


Recyclable Packaging

We are all about sustainability for the planet, our products and ultimately, our most important customers (your dogs). We’re clear that damage to our environment impacts the quality of the produce our planet can generate; therefore we invest in ensuring our actions as a food manufacturer are as ecologically friendly as possible.

All of our raw dog food packaging is 100% recyclable, including high-quality, shatterproof, leak-proof tubs (which are not classified as 'single-use' nor do they contain BPA).
We’ve also moved to using ‘woolcool’ thermal lining (100% recyclable too) to ensure all our products arrive on your doorstep completely frozen.


Award Winning

At ProDog, we pride ourselves in not being just another dog food company – an ethos recognised by Lloyd's Bank National Business Awards. We are their Virgin Atlantic Customer Experience & Loyalty category winners 2020. This award recognises our commitment to raising awareness, educating dog owners about the fantastic health benefits of feeding raw food and providing a community of support.

At the core of all we do is our foundational principle, “One Product Two Customers”. A principle which ensures our four-legged friends are at the forefront of all we do (as well as their human companions.)



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